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Information about Hotels in Ciudad Lineal Madrid, Calle Alcala

There are plenty of hotel rooms near the congress venue. There are 9 hotels with a total of 845 rooms, and a wide range of prices. Since October is considered “high season” in Madrid because of it’s pleasant fall temperatures and climate, it is recommended to make your reservation as soon as possible, as prices also go up as demand increase and hotels fill up.

Four important observations:

1. The majority charge extra for breakfast, 7-9 Euros, except for Elba Madrid Alcala

2. Only Elba Madrid Alcala has a shuttle to and from the Airport. The rest do not and a taxi is around 25 Euros from/to the Airport and the Hotel.

3. There is a important fair the week before the congress event and some hotels already had reservations for that date.

4. All of the properties raise their prices as the hotel gets full. So some budget places that are as low as 50-70 euros may be 300 Euros during a major event, football game, etc. So it is important for us to encourage people to make their reservations in advance.

List of the 9 hotels: (map included at the end of this section)

1. Elba Madrid Alcala (2 blocks from congress venue and venue of workshops Thursday and Friday afternoon)

Our special rate is no longer valid as of May 11th, due to demand and rooms that have been reserved. You can use the link but there is no special code and the best rate will be what the hotel offers to the public.

To make a reservation in the Elba Madrid Alcala, click on the link and follow the instructions below:

Attention: For the next 8 hotels, we do not have a special congress rate and the links provided are just normal links to the hotel. Reservations can also be made on third party sites. Again, demand is high in Madrid in October and it is recommended to make your reservations in advance!

2. Ibis (2 hotels, one regular and one Budget right by each other, 6 blocks from congress venue)

One is a normal Ibis and the other more economical. Prices can be as low as 55-67 Euros for the regular hotel and 44-50 Euros for the economic one. (again prices go up as demand increases)

Budget Ibis: (They are connected)

Normal Ibis Property: (They are connected)

3. Travelodge: (Less than 2 blocks from congress venue)

Can be as low as 40-50 Euros at times.

4. Hotel Eco Alcala Suites

(very small hotel with only 32 rooms; ranging from 75-87 Euros if there is not great demand)

5. Hotel Occidental Madrid Este (Barcelo)

Average of 100 Euros most of the time.

6. Hotel Julia

60-85 Euros normally in the Oct. higher demand season.

7. Hotel Petit Palace

A small hotel with only 44 rooms; rates vary from 80-120 Euros.

8. Hotel Golden 21

A small hotel with 21 rooms; 35 Euros for a single and 50 Euros for a double.

Holiday Inn is now called Elba Madrid Alcala

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