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Why Madrid?

Madrid is a vibrant tourist city that is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Being part of Europe, it has one of the world’s largest international airports and with good flight connections.

Madrid also has a emotional and spiritual connection with Latin America. Latin America currently has one of the world’s fastest growing missions movements and Madrid and Spain are natural bridges to Europe and the rest of the world for Latin America.

Madrid is also geographically close to Africa. Millions of people each year cross over by boat between Spain and northern Africa. Spain even has two cities that are geographically within Northern Africa. (Ceuta and Melilla).

Spain is also home to some of Europe’s fastest growing churches and as a whole the Assemblies of God of Spain are one of the fastest growing church movements in Europe.

Madrid is a very international, cosmopolitan city. Because of our goal of having 100 countries present, Madrid is an ideal location because of travel options. Prices are some of the most economical within the context of Europe.

We feel that Madrid 2018 will be a historical event that will impact the world. In Cancun 2013 we had 60 countries present and in Bangkok in 2015 70 countries. It is our goal to have 100 countries present in Madrid 2018. We invite you to be part of history!

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