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Meal Options

Advance purchase

It has been described under registration the option to purchase in advance two lunches so that you can more easily attend the workshops. That description is repeated here:

On Thursday and Friday there will be 13 workshops available at the Holiday Inn. On Saturday there will be no workshops and the afternoon will be free for rest or tourism. The workshops will be held at Elba Madrid Alcala hotel, two blocks from the congress venue. The neighborhood around the congress sites have many small restaurants but it will be difficult to find a place to eat lunch and be back by 3:00 pm for the workshops. Therefore for a limited number of up to 500 people the Elba Madrid Alcala has offered us a special buffet lunch for $15 Euros each. (30 Euros total, about 35 dollars for both days) This is recommended for those wanting to attend the workshops. If you wish to purchase the lunch option, it is included in the registration page. If you do not purchase it on line, it will be very difficult to purchase it at a later date and we can’t guarantee availability. You will be given your lunch tickets when you receive your congress material.

There will be a map of venues for meals near the congress. Registration does not include meals, unless you purchase the two lunches mentioned above when you register.

There are many restaurants of all prices and types of food within walking distance of the venue.

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