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Letter of Greetings from Dr.George Wood

Chairman, World Assemblies of God Fellowship

"The fifth WAGF World Missions Congress is to be held in Madrid, Spain, Oct. 18-20, 2018. In the previous four World Missions Congresses there were over 3,400 delegates from over 100 countries. It is our sincere expectation that in Madrid there will over 100 countries represented, but all at one time,

It is a part of the vision of the WAGF Missions Commission, as well as the WAGF Executive Council, that every General Council of the Assemblies of God around the world have a missions vision and missions sending program or structure. We know that in this strategic harvest the Lord is truly answering our prayer, "Pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth workers into His Harvest." (Luke 10:2).

God is calling workers not only from the traditional senders, such as Western Europe, North America, and Oceania, but also today from Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

I look forward to seeing you in Madrid. I believe it is an event that has a divine purpose."

Dr. George Wood

Chairman, World Assemblies of God Fellowship

Letter from Brad Walz

Chairman, WAGF Missions Commission

How impacting it was to have 70 nations represented in Bangkok in 2015, in our last World Congress. The fruit from that event continues to reverberate throughout the world, as many countries caught a vision for the first time and were impacted by the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to Madrid 2018, our 5th World Missions Congress of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. It is our desire that the Holy Spirit would speak to us and convict us of our challenge and task in this eleventh-hour harvest. Several of our Assemblies of God works around the globe have celebrated their 100th anniversary in these past few years. It has been a time of looking back and appreciating the vision of the first churches and missionaries who had a passion to touch the entire world. Part of that vision took place in the United States, where in Hot Springs, Arkansas,300 people boldly believed their vision would impact nations. It is likely that many of them if they could see us today, would find it hard to believe that their vision truly came to pass.

Yet it is our belief that the start of this second century of the Assemblies of God is where a new purpose and impact can emerge: that the many great churches raised up in the “global south” and non-west, would also embrace that vision and see themselves today not just as “receivers,” but as ordained and anointed senders. Because truly the Great Commission was never given to the West or the wealthy. And indeed most of the early pioneers were not wealthy, but made great sacrifice to go as well as those also did who sent them. Truly today God is raising up an spiritual workforce for this eleventh-hour harvest, from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Of course the Spirit continues to call from the West. God is not done with Western Europe, North America, and Oceania. But a handful of nations are not and will not be capable of bringing in this great harvest awaiting us.

Only with the Spirit’s leading, vision, and empowering of the 90% of the world that are “new senders and goers,” will God’s purpose be fulfilled. We believe this congress will make a historical impact on that process. Thank you for willingness to come to Madrid. If we can assist you in any way or with any question, please let us know.

Brad Walz

Chairman, WAGF Missions Commission

Letter of Greetings from Dr. Arto Hamalainen

Chairman, Pentecostal World Fellowship Missions Commission

It will be a Kairos-moment in missions history when we are gathering at Madrid in 2018. That will be the first ever joint missions congress of PWF and WAGF. The big change in gravity of the Christianity to the Southern hemisphere is caused strongly by the Pentecostal impact. The fastest growing churches are often Pentecostal. A growing number of missionaries are sent from the Pentecostal churches around the world. New forces are coming especially from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The focus is more on the unreached people groups in the world. We aim to finalize the task in preaching the gospel to all ethnic groups.

On this moment we are showing the power of the Pentecostal cooperation in joining hands at Madrid as PWF and WAGF Pentecostals. The fulfillment of the Great Commission is not impossible. As united Pentecostal front that is coming closer and closer. Jesus was praying that we would be united to help the world to believe in him. Madrid is the manifestation of that kind of unity.

Let the Madrid congress be inspiring and mobilizing event! The old sending continent may serve as a launching base for new mission initiatives and actions.

Dr. Arto Hämäläinen

Chairman of World Missions Commission of PWF

Letter of Greetings from Dr. Rauno Mikkonen

PEM Chairman,

PEM started Mission Consultations in 1991. Since then leaders have annually come together around world missions. We will gather next time in Madrid from 15th to 17th October 2018. I believe that next Consultation will widen our vision and calling about global situation of completing the Great Commission. From 17th of October a hundred Pentecostal mission leaders from all over the world will join us. As an extra bonus PEM members may also stay in the 5th WAGF World Missions Congress from 18th to 20th in Madrid.

Do not miss this opportunity to renew the great purpose of every believer and to network with global mission leaders. See you in Madrid!

Rauno Mikkonen,

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